Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A game of tag

Spotted this fun game on m.writes, it looked like fun so if you see it and fancy a try, you are officially tagged.
Here are my answers...

8 things I look forward to...
The husband coming home, Days off work, Sunshine, Celebrations ie. birthdays, christmas, anniversaries etc, Holidays, Food, Catch ups with close friends, Making our family and having lots of babies (blush), My bed (at the moment after night shifts)

8 things I did yesterday...
Slept most of the day, Dreamt about holidays, sunshine, time off work and time spent with husband, Stayed up all night, Saw my husband for about 5 mins (in 24 hours), Folded laundry, Ate pizza, Read blogs, Shed a tear at the latest post from nie nie (have you read it?).

8 things I wish I could do...
Wow my husband with my cooking (I am trying, slowly getting there!), Keep our flat immaculate and still have time for all the fun things I would rather do, Be bi or even tri-lingual, Travel the world, Knit (my mum has promised she will teach me!), Visit NYC this weekend, Take blood and cannulate (sorry that is the nurse in me speaking), Visit the gym at least three times a week ( again I am trying with this one!!)

8 shows I watch...
(this could be embarrassing...)
The Hills, The City, The Apprentice, Brothers and Sisters, Property Ladder, Jon and Kate plus 8, Neighbours, Home and Away (and quite a few more I could think of...currently trying to cut down on the TV watching ha ha)

8 posts I've starred recently in Google reader...
Actually haven't used my google reader for a little while bit here are the most recent...
Spring Cleaning by Jordan Ferney:Oh Happy Day
Dinner Party on the Roof by Jordan Ferney:Oh Happy Day
Why I Love Laguna Pt. 1 by Love and Photographs
todays agenda:be in love by journaL
my new york city penpal by m.writes
Quote for life by A Cup of Jo
rooftop garden by frolic
Family portrait by A Cup of Jo

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