Saturday, 26 December 2009

I am not a baker!

I thought i would share a photo of my attempt at baking for the husband's Birthday, which was on the 23rd!

Let's just say it tasted good, but sure presentation could have been improved!! Still he loved it.

Hope you all had the best Christmas!! We had a lovely day, full of good food, lovely family and lots of presents!


  1. i think it's lovely! :) yummm.
    sweet blog!!

  2. looks fab im the worst cake maker ever xxxx

  3. it looks handmade ... very sweet :) Handmade is always better, even if it's not perfect ... and perfect is boring anyway!!

  4. That actually looks really good and that was so thoughtful of you to make an attempt at baking for him. I am a horrible baker! LOL. So I feel your pain!

    xo Kinsey

    Kinsey Michaels: Sassy And Just A Little Outrageous